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Hello there. I am not, as some who have visited my page in the last six months without update may have thought, dead. I simply have been overwhelmed by the constraints of real life, and have not had the time to remodel and update this page as I so desired to. I apologize for neglecting it for so long; hopefully, I will be able to resume work on it soon.

Though I have been planning to remodel this page over this summer, this can no longer come about. I found out a week ago that I will be away from home and computers and email and phones and electricity and running water until early September. Then, I surely will update once again.

Until then, the rest of this page will lanquish in their same state as before. I apologize for that, but it is as it must be.

I shall see all of you in September.

What's new as of June 11th, 2000.

Well. First update of the new millenium. Heh, heh. There really isn't that much new here; I added a few stories in the archive, and completely changed this front page.

When I get back, I intend to change all of the pages to this blue and black theme; all my other pages have the same colors; why shouldn't this one? I also have quite a healthy backlog of stories to put up; those'll be up when I get back as well.

Also, I finally fixed my hit counter. It's been not working for a very long time.


One of the reasons I have been absent for so long is my interest in fanfiction communities other than Final Fantasy VII. Thus such, I have changed the name of this archive from The FF7 Blue Archive to just the Blue Archive. This means that I will be taking submissions from other fandoms, as well as Final Fantasy. Mostly, I'm interested in X-men and related stories, but just send me whatever, and I'll look at it.

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