Okay, I don't have much up, because I haven't really drawn much yet, but I do have a little.

Here's a picture of Cloud that I drew about a month ago; yes he does have face marks-- when I get around to writing the fanfic I have been working on, they will be explained.

Here's a picture of Red XIII. If you are confused, go to the fanfics section, or click here.

This is a picture of Tifa. that I did last night, just 'cuz I felt like it. The expression on her face isn't quite right, but the features are.

I drew this on the same piece of paper as I did Tifa. It's of Cid, and I think it turned out pretty well.

This one was also done on the same paper as Tifa and Cid. Vincent lookes kind of pissed off, but that's in character, so I like it pretty well.

Maybe soon I'll get something else besides headshots up.

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