There are nine main characters in Final Fantasy VII; six humans, two cats, and an Ancient. No partride in a pear tree, though.

Cloud Strife -- the main character in the story, and a pretty cool guy, too. After the first few scenes, though.

Tifa Lockheart -- A bartender in Midgar who grew up with Cloud.

Red XIII -- A huge, lion-like beast who's smarter than the average bear.

Aerith Gainsborough -- A spiritual flower-seller who turns out to be much more.

Cid Highwind -- An old Shinra pilot who never gave up his dreams.

Barett Wallace -- The leader of the terrorist group Avelanche.

Vincent Valentine -- A haunted, mysterious figure who looks like a vampire.

Cait Sith -- What can I say? A cat who rides a huge stuffed animal and tells fortunes.

Yuffie Kisagari -- A young ninja with a talent for stealing Materia.

Sephiroth -- I'm not going to hide behind "not revealing the plot." Sephiroth is the maniacal villain.

The Turks -- Shinra's team of assassins and kidnappers.

Shinra Electric Power Company -- The bad guys trying to kill the Planet. Scarlett, Palmer, Heidegger, and of course, Rufus.

Random Characters Jessie, Biggs, Wedge, Elmyra, Marlene, and, of course, Zack.

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