Spoiler: The End

Okay. I am a sucker for deep meanings, and the ending of Final Fantasy VII is one of the all time great endings in this world. I'm sure that many people who only see it once say "what a lousy ending; what happened?", but I think that it is pure genius.

Here's a brief summary of what happens: Cloud defeats Sephiroth, and little dancing lights surround him as a hand reaches down from a beam of light (assumption: Aerith's hand). This pretty tableau dissolves into Tifa reaching down to Cloud, a cliff caving into a crater, yadda yadda yadda... The bad force (Meteor) and the good force (Holy) collide, and almost wipe each other out, but Meteor is still coming. All seems doomed, when the lifestream starts coming up out of the ground, and rushing towards the point where Meteor is about to hit the Planet. We see one last glimpse of each of our hero's faces, then a bright light, and Aerith, surrounded by green and bubbles. The picture cuts to a canyon, where an ancient red beast with the numeral 13 tattooed on his foreleg is being playfully chased by two smaller, juvinile beasts. The trio bounds up the side of the canyon, and looks off into the distance, at an ruined, overgrown, wheel-shaped city...

Ooooh, it gives me shivers just thinking about it. The thing is: you don't know what happens. Because we see one of our main characters at the very end, we assume that everything turned out okay, but we really don't know. And Aerith. Why is she there? My interpretation is that she is now in the lifestream, controling things, and that that turned out okay too.

I wish that I had room to put the ending movie here, but it's really huge. It would take up three or four times the alloted space on this page, but if you have the right software, you can play it again on your computer. I would highly reccomend it.

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