Cid Highwind

The many faces of Cid Highwind Cid Highwind is a foul-mouthed, bad tempered, crotchety old (wait a minute-- he's thirty-two? Since when is that old?) pilot, who just won't let go of his dreams. As the captain of an experimental rocket, Cid could have gone into space, but he aborted the rocket launch at the last minute to save the life of one of the technichians working on the rocket. And here it gets weird.

That same technician, named Shera, now lives with Cid, in, as far as I can tell, a servant/master relationship. Cid treats her like dirt, but Shera puts up with it, because she blames herself for killing his dreams of flying in space.

Still a top-notch pilot, Cid is a really cool character. I like Cid. He's foul-tempered and fouler-mouthed, but those qualities make a character interesting.

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