Barrett Wallace

The many faces of Barrett Wallace Barrett Walace is the leader of AVALANCHE in the beginning of the game; he is later replaced by Cloud as far as I can tell, though. He is a big, intimidating, foul-mouthed (although not as bad as Cid) man, with a very soft spot for his young daughter, Marlene.

Now, that is something that took me a long time to figure out. You see, Barrett is black, while Marlene is white, with red hair and green eyes. *_* Confusing, to me at least. It turns out that Marlene is kind of an adopted daughter; her father was Barrett's best friend, then he kind of went insane and left, and Barrett is considered to be Marlene's father. We don't know Marlene's view on this; whether or not she knows that she is not Barrett's natural daughter, but she calls him daddy, so who knows?

Another interesting thing about Barrett is the fact that instead of a right hand, he has a really big gun that he uses to shoot people and bang on things. Pretty cool if you ask me, but then I have a character with two cybernetic arms.

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