Final Fantasy VII: Athena


Merging Journeys

How to summarize this one... After Meteor, Avalanche gains two new friends, two that no one would ever expect, to combat a menace worse than Sephiroth...

This story is not yet finished.

Destroyers of My World

About Barret, four years before the game, and his feelings as he sees his hometown go up in flames.

Rufus and Cloud

In a world of destruction and corruption, two brothers dared to enjoy the world around them. When they are separated by their father for five years, the two brothers tried their best to continue to smile at the harsh reality laid out for them. Their ultimate challenge takes the form of a silver-haired devil, one that could easily take everything they worked for away. Can these two brothers, one with the experience of a SOLDIER and the other with the knowledge of an experienced executive, keep their spirits high when darkness envelopes them? Only time will tell.

Her Last Request

This takes place shortly after the destruction of Meteor and the ending of FF7. Tseng, saddened by Aeris' depression, asks Rufus to do something surprising. Rufus takes up the job, but is soon joined by Sephiroth. Can these two former villains get along to execute such an important job?

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